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   February 2019   
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Archived Bible Studies


Downstairs ("Heart Reformation: Exploring the Life of David"; Fellowship Hall @ 9:30 AM; Teacher - David Goodfred) 

This new community bible study starts on January 5th and will focus on the process of substituting our current  heart condition for God's Spirit to work in our lives and the lives of others. Class content will center on king  David (1 and 2 Samuel) and applied Christianity, meaning there will be weekly bible readings, lesson  reflections, and spiritual challenges that will give us ample opportunity to battle the American culture  through deliberate and meaningful time with God. Additionally, dialogue and weekly attendance with one  another will be essential to class organization; therefore, your comments and experiences will help  direct class flow and subsequent community and personal applications. Class series will continue until the  end of March.

Lesson Guides and Reflections:(Note - You must have Adobe Reader to view files.  Click here to download if needed.)

Lesson 1:  January 5th - "Places of the Heart"  [Guide]  [Reflection]
Lesson 2:  January 12th - "The Renegade Revealed"  [Guide]  [Reflection]
Lesson 3:  January 26th - "The Simple Life"  [Guide]  [Reflection]
Lesson 4:  February 2nd - "Facing the Giants"  [Guide]  [Reflection]
Lesson 5:  February 9th - "Dangerous Devotion"  [Guide]  [Reflection]
Lesson 6:  February 16th - "Suffering Succotash"  [Guide]  [Reflection]
Lesson 7:  February 23rd - "Hero"  [Guide]  [Reflection]
Lesson 8:  March 2nd - "No Shortcuts"  [Guide]  [Reflection]
Lesson 9:  March 9th - "Death of a Dream"  [Guide]  [Reflection]
Lesson 10:  March 16th - "
Mephibo-Who?" [Guide]  [Reflection]
Lesson 11:  March 23rd - "The Seduction of Sin" [Guide]  [Reflection]
Lesson 12:  March 23rd - "Life is Messy" [Guide]  [Reflection]
Lesson 13:  March 30th - "The Weight of Leadership" [Guide]  [Reflection]

1.  Adult Class (Auditorium) - Minor Prophets

Upstairs - Minor Prophets dialogue studies - Teachers include, but are not limited to Gene Rainey, Ed Pagán, Dwayne Maxwell, Andy Newberry, Bill McElrath, etc.)  

This dialogue-based series will divide the twelve Minor Prophets into four sections:  (1) The Bad Neighbors; (2) The Assyrian Empire prophets; (3) The Babylonian Empire prophets; and (3) the Persian Empire prophets.  God used these terrible empires to punish his people's sins and to promise them a better future with the coming of the Messiah. The Spring quarter (April-June; "Bad Neighbors") who are Nineveh, six surrounding nations with Obadiah's sole focus on Edom in the shortest book in the Old Testament) will cover Jonah (four lessons), Amos (eight lessons) and Obadiah (one lesson).

About the Dialogue Method

April 6th - "Jonah - Lesson1" [Lesson]  [Map]
April 13th -"Jonah - Lesson2" [Lesson]  
April 20th -"Jonah - Lesson3" [Lesson]  
April 27th -"Amos - Lesson1" [Lesson]
May 4th -
"Amos - Lesson2" [Lesson]

May 11th -"Amos - Lesson3" [Lesson]
May 18th -"Amos - Lesson4" [Lesson]
May 25th -"Amos - Lesson5" [Lesson]
June 1st -
"Amos - Lesson6" [Lesson]
June 8th -
"Amos - Lesson5b" [Lesson]
June 15th -
"Amos - Lesson8" [Lesson]
June 22nd -
"Amos - Lesson9" [Lesson]

Adult Class (Auditorium) - Truth Project - Promotional Video

Sunday, July 6th, we'll embark on a powerful journey together. By now, most of you have observed or heard about our Truth Project promotional video clips/series and hopefully, are anticipating the upcoming 3 months of study on Sunday mornings in the auditorium at 9:30. Please arrive promptly and preferably, 5-minutes early, because these videos will take the entire class time, so starting a few minutes early would be optimal. I would recommend taking good notes, absorbing the content, and most importantly, talking about these lessons with non-Christian/Christian friends family, co-workers, etc., as we share God's glory with each other and our communities. Please invite anyone you believe that would be interested in this series.
The Truth Project is a DVD-based series designed to equip believers with a comprehensive biblical worldview. Practically and personally, participants will be reintroduced to the truth claims of God. Twelve lessons discuss in detail God's design for living out the Christian worldview in daily life. Most importantly, this series addresses the need to align our actions with our core beliefs. What this curriculum does is nothing short of transformational.
What will you encounter through this curriculum?
The following list contains the topics that will be covered by week:

Note:  Please note that you must have Adobe Reader to open the .pdf files.  Click here to download if you do not have the program installed in your computer.  

Lesson 1 - [7-6-14] - Veritology: What is Truth?  [Lesson 1 Guide]  [Lesson 1 Scriptures]
Lesson 2 - [7-13-14] - Philosophy and Ethics: Says Who?  [Lesson 2 Guide] [Lesson 2 Scriptures]
Lesson 3 - [7-20-14] - Anthropology: Who is Man?  [Lesson 3 Guide] [Lesson 3 Scriptures]
Lesson 4 - [7-27-14] - Theology: Who is God?   [Lesson 4 Guide] [Lesson 4 Scriptures]
Lesson 5a - [8-3-14] - Science: What is True?  [Lesson 5 Guide] [Lesson 5 Scriptures]
Lesson 5b - [8-10-14] - Science: What is True?  [Lesson 5 Guide] [Lesson 5 Scriptures]
Lesson 6 - [8-17-14] - History: Whose Story?  [Lesson 6 Guide] [Lesson 6 Scriptures]
Lesson 7 - [8-31-14] - Sociology: The Divine Imprint.  [Lesson 7 Guide] [Lesson 7 Scriptures]

Lesson 8 - [9-7-14] - Unio Mystica: Am I Alone?  [Lesson 8 Guide] [Lesson 8 Scriptures]
Lesson 9 - [9-14-14] - The State: Whose Law?  [Lesson 9 Guide] [Lesson 9 Scriptures]
Lesson 10 - [9-21-14] - The American Experiment: Stepping Stones[Lesson 10 Guide]  [Lesson 10 Scriptures]
Lesson 11 - [9-28-14] - Labor: Created to Create[Lesson 11 Guide]  [Lesson 11 Scriptures]
Lesson 12 - [10-5-14] - Community & Involvement: God Cares, Do I? [Lesson 12 Guide]  [Lesson 12 Scriptures]

As you can see, we will be entering disciplines many of us do not frequent, which I believe can be a problem when trying to share/prove Christ to an educated, evidence-based American society. Lack of preparation/information to debate the toughest secular questions this world continues to ask can make believers seem incompetent, close-minded, and intolerant. However, with fortified factual knowledge and study of God's word, I'm confident lives/hearts can be changed through loving dialogue, coupled with Christ-changed observed daily living. When truth is defined by the foundation to which it was created, everything promised in an abundant life through Jesus becomes reality.